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Musk Starts Brain Chip Company

I have mentioned a few times here on the blog how much I enjoy Elon Musk's ideas, more specifically his mission to create autonomous vehicles. Last week he tweeted an announcement of a new company he is starting, and for some, the idea may seem a bit too sci-fi.

Musk's new company, Neuralink, will create implantable brain chips. Say whaaaat? The Verge explains more:
"As it stands today, brain implants containing multi-electrode arrays are used to try and ameliorate the effects of Parkinson’s disease and epilepsy, while less complex, stimulating devices are used for people suffering from Tourette's, eating disorders, and depression. But these techniques are still experimental compared with more mainstream medical procedures. Because operating on the brain is difficult and dangerous, even the most cutting-edge researchers still openly admit to not having the necessary tools or data to fully comprehend how the organ operates or how to repair it when it starts to malfunct…

Ode to Tesla

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Oh Tesla, my Tesla My beautiful car Who will take me long and far You are within arms reach I beg you DMV please listen to my speech
There has been a lot of talk surrounding autonomous cars, or self-driving vehicles. Companies like Google, Tesla, BMW and Mercedes are all working fast to make the first safe autonomous car. Automakers predict that by 2020 cars with automated features, like emergency braking, to cars that completely drive themselves will be on the road. I'm excited about this for a couple of reasons:
Safety First
Elon Musk, my hero! The technology reminds me of the Jetsons which makes the whole idea exciting. What a smart man to say that the main reason for making autonomous cars is to save lives. I can’t tell you how many times I have been in the middle of the crosswalk (with the crosswalk sign) when I am nearly hit by a driver…

Creepy Crawly- Does Privacy Matter?

I was up here in the burbs waiting for my third and final bus to get to where I needed to be. A man was talking to another man as he paced in a large circle nearby me. “Yeah man… I don’t get why they stuck me in jail. Don’t see why beating your wife is a crime.”

Okay… pepper spray is out and I’m texting the hubby to have him help calm my nerves. The man paused to take a long drag off of a cigarette then continued to run his mouth about beating women.

“Haha, yeah man I love slapping my wife’s black ass…”

OKAY! I don’t need to hear about your indiscretions and criminal activity. But in our PC society, I have to say the man does have his freedom of speech, I just wish he wasn’t circling the bus stop like a hawk screaming to the high heaven about his views on women. All I’m asking is if you feel the need to talk to someone about that… at least keep conversation to a low volume.

This whole experience made me think about how I lost my privacy when I lost my privilege to drive. I am constant…

Metro Affairs

By Caleb

I have been traveling in metro for years now but there are days when things happen that become a memory forever. I will share an incident that happened 2 years ago but is still fresh in my mind. 

The phone was ringing since half an hour and the alarm clock was shrieking together. I was of course listening to all the bizarre sounds around me but I did not have the energy to move the tiniest bit. I wanted the phone to go dead and the alarm clock to burn into ashes, but none of that happened and I had to get up at 7:30 finally. I suddenly noticed the room darker than usual, at this hour daily, soft yellow sun light would dance on the floor of my room-today seemed different. I set aside the curtain and saw the weather presenting a different mood. Heavy clouds and no sun hinted rain sooner or later.

I knew I had just another fifteen minutes to get ready for work, eat breakfast, pack lunch and reach the metro station before it got overly crowded. I quickly ironed clothes, packed my …


By Jose

It was a very pleasant evening. The trees swayed in delight and the birds bathed in warm light of sun. The streets were almost empty at this hour of day and pedestrians walked by slowly. A calm and serene blanket of quietness covered the entire vicinity. Nearby some voices could be heard, it was a football match among some teenagers from school. It was the only commotion in the entire place not affecting the quietness in area. I usually leave work around 5 pm each day but today I was a bit early. The clock had just struck 4 today, and the sun was almost half below the horizon. The days were shorter these days and nights were longer – a byproduct of winters. But it never snowed here, just cold breezes and rare sun.

I was also walking by the side of road, running my hand in the wild marshes and delicately touching the soft flowers with tips of fingers. I was lost in a deep thought, making a list of all tasks to be done in the following day. I had to collect Mrs. John’s laundry, …

Carpe D-Watkins: Seize Your Attitude

By Joshua Bourn

Imagine – you’re 15 years old and about to walk through the magical gates of Disneyland in beautiful California. Suddenly, you feel yourself start to lose consciousness amid a large group of fellow mouseketeers. Next thing you realize is your only ride for the day will be in your parents’ car, after you’ve received an explanation from a stranger that you may have just had a seizure. Continue reading...

Seize The World is public charity based in Denver that started helping people through their Cycling The World program, which raised awareness of the idea that people with epilepsy can get out to lead active lives. Today, Seize The World is focused on a program called Share Your Story.