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Busing For Epilepsy Since 2011

Driving restrictions for epilepsy patients can affect everyday life more than one may think. In my personal experience, driving restrictions has made it tough to find a job and in general live life on my own schedule. While studies have shown that longer restriction periods for those living with epilepsy are associated with lower crash rates, it is the waiting and waiting to have the go ahead and drive that can be upsetting. Future research may identify which epilepsy patients are at the lowest risk for seizures. But for now, it is public transportation for me!

Quick Facts

  • Approximately 1 in 26 People in the United States Will Develop Epilepsy at Some Point in their Lifetime. 
  • An estimated 3 million Americans and 65 million people worldwide currently live with epilepsy.
  • Each year at least 200,000 people are diagnosed with epilepsy.
  • Epilepsy is NOT rare. There are more than twice as many people with epilepsy in the US as the number of people with cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, and cystic fibrosis combined. 
  • In two-thirds of patients diagnosed with epilepsy, the cause is unknown.

Want to know more? 
Check out out Resources and Support page for links to helpful sites and information about alternative treatments and surgery.

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